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Roth-Bilt 16

The RB-16 is a traditionally styled yet modern boat offering both elegant looks and exceptional performance. Construction is of the highest quality, using a complete composite stiffening system. The unique bottom design of her fiberglass hull provides a smooth ride under all conditions. With a rare blend of modern engineering and old world craftsmanship, her appointments of teak, bronze and stainless steel clearly set the RB-16 apart from the rest.

Roth-Bilt 18

Between 1999 and 2015 Chris Roth built 200 of these classics. We would like to reintroduce you to the legendary Roth-Bilt 18, a unique concept in hull design. The RB-18 has been reimagined and updated for today's discerning boating enthusiast and combines state-of-the-art technology below the waterline with traditional styling above. Roth-Bilt designer Chris Roth has created a 3-stage stepped bottom contour which increases performance by upwards of 20% over conventional designs. 


Roth-Bilt 27 Sport Fisherman

This extremely capable design is quite similar to our original 24 foot Roth-Bilt. A full walk-around center cabin has been engineered after years of fishing experience to provide function/form and, of course, good looks. Below the waterline is a 3-stage stepped bottom that provides as much as 23 percent better fuel efficiency and performance with less horsepower. Capable of 32 knots with a single 300 hp outboard this boat sets itself apart from the others.

Roth-Bilt 27 Cuddy Cabin

The RB-27 is a traditionally styled yacht, designed with modern engineering to yield outstanding performance in this rugged boat. It has remarkable sea keeping abilities for when the seas turn up. Inspired by several legendary bass boat builders of the past it is elegantly simple and functional. However, unlike its predecessors, the RB-27 is an amalgamation of Downeast flair and a unique, modern, efficient, stepped hull which assures a smooth transition from start to 30 knots with a single outboard.

Coming in 2023

Coming in 2023

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