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Chris Roth founded ROTH-BILT BOATS in the 1980s. Since 2008 he's been the owner and head designer of Roth Boat Builders. Along with his talented crew, he can provide custom building of your ROTH-BILT BOAT, as well as full restoration and repair services.

ROTH-BILT BOATS are traditionally styled yet modern boats offering both elegant looks and exceptional performance. Construction is of the highest quality, using a complete composite system. The unique bottom design of their fiberglass hulls provides a smooth ride under all conditions.

With a rare blend of modern engineering and old world craftsmanship, appointments of teak, bronze and stainless steel clearly set a ROTH-BILT BOAT apart from the rest.


Simply, a better boat for those who know the difference.


For over 40 years I have been building and using boats and I truly believe that what we have is the finest “Small Yacht” on the market today. Quite simply a better boat for those who know the difference. ~ Chris Roth, Sr.

Chris Roth, Jr.

Chris Roth, Jr.

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