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This 1978 20’ Boston Whaler V-20 Outrage came to us in need of a full strip-down and restoration. With plans to attach an aluminum bracket we closed the transom in with composite while incorporating a cap that contains both livewell and dry storage and finished it out in teak with a folding bench seat inside.

When some issues arose getting an aluminum bracket we thought long and hard about what we could do to remedy this issue; our solution was to build a hull-extension mold and extend the boat 3 feet while still maintaining the benefits of a bracket. The extension was glued, lagged, bolted and glassed to the boat. It is structurally the most solid piece of this restoration and maintains the aesthetics of a seamless appearance. Our customer now has a truly unique, one-of-a kind boat that has been turning heads the last couple of months. 

 Bring us your challenges and let us find solutions for you!

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Roth Boat Builders is a family-owned company, specializing in the design and production of classics such as the made-in-America ROTH-BILT 18. We also offer complete restoration services for Roth-designed boats and other craft.

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